One of my personal past times when im not working on light graffiti is working with Cotswold Fireworks putting on displays for schools, companys and weddings. We can be heard or seen any time of the year when a display is required. With summer fast approaching I wanted to try my hand at power kiting, One of our friends here at light graffiti is a keen kite flyer and so off we went to our local shop and bought myself an Ozone flow 5m. It did not take long to get to grips with the flying when the conversation turned to light graffiti and that I had not been working on new ideas. As the conversation continued we discussed to possibilties of attatching L.E.Ds to the lines and the kite foil. When I got back home my thoughs were to come up with ideas for the website, I later recieved a message regarding the earlier chat about light painting with the kites and L.E.Ds and was surprised when i opened it to find an attachment and that it had been done not only with the kite and L.E.Ds but with pyro as well.